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The LMS3App - from January 2019

Soon it will be even easier to deliver your content to mobile devices. With the LMS3App we connect the TYPO3 CMS with an app that your users can download in the stores.

Learn through play makes sense!

What do you mean, this isn't a game? Of course it is, because who has fun while learning, learns with more motivation and joy. This is the basic idea of the LMS3App and game based learning in general.

We have the right interactions to stimulate the grey cells and increase the learning success.

Connecting learner and trainer

Trainers can use the Trainer app to create lessons and assign them to their users. Learners always receive the latest content presented.

Learners simply download the app for iOS or Android and connect to their academy. Here we go.

Enterprise solution for corporates

The intelligent learning system essentially consists of two parts:

  • The TYPO3 CMS
  • The LMS3App

You want more? For companies we can set up a custom App with your CI so you can use the platform to inspire your learners and users with high-quality content produced by your coaches.

Sie möchten eine Demo oder sind interessiert an der Lösung?

Dann treten Sie gerne mit uns in Kontakt und schreiben Sie uns eine E-Mail!