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We have been dealing with the topic of e-learning for more than ten years. More and more companies want to take advantage of technically supported learning and develop ideas to integrate education, courses and knowledge transfer into their corporate culture.

LEARNTUBE! can help you with the experience from numerous projects to didactically plan, to convert technically and to measure the success of your project . Talk to us!

LMS3 - TYPO3 Solutions

TYPO3 is a widely used, powerful content management system. With the extensions of LEARNTUBE! you can implement enterprise-level e-learning projects - exactly with the design you have in mind.

LEARNTUBE! has developed a series of extensions with which you can set up self-running e-learning courses with precise control, which contents and chapters are released when and which services are required for a certificate.

The SkillgamesApp

The majority of Internet access today is done via mobile devices, primarily smartphones. Internet pages are already designed to work on mobile phones.

An app is a great way to communicate e-learning content because your mobile device is always with you and you can post new course content via push messages. The SkillgamesApp makes it even easier for companies to publish content themselves.

LEARNTUBE! becomes Silver Member of the TYPO3 Association

We are happy that LEARNTUBE! as Silver Member of the TYPO3 Association will get even closer to the community in the future. For us as a company, the...

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